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It is the primary purpose of this organization to promote, direct and foster organized sports, especially for boys under the age of twelve (12) years.


In the event of dissolution, the residual assets of the organization will be turned over to another organization, which is itself, exempt from federal tax (income) under section 501 (10) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the Federal, State of South Carolina or legal government.


Article I

Name and Location


Section 1.      The name of the Corporation shall be Midland Baseball League.


Section 2.      Its offices shall be located at West Columbia, South Carolina, in the town of Pine Ridge.  Mailing address to be Post Office Box 6382, Cayce-West Columbia, South Carolina 29171-6382.

Article II

Board Members


Section 1.


A.         The business and property of the Corporation shall be managed by five (5) officers, and nine (9) board members. Two board members must be non-coaches. No board member should be from the same family.  The board can be changed at the annual meeting to assure equal representation, according to the number of affiliated teams. All of these members shall be voting members. One league representative from each division shall be elected by the coaches and shall have voting rights. (Amended 5/11)


B.        An Executive Committee will be formed consisting of five (5) officers, and two (2) members of the board voted on by the board.  The two (2) members will be voted in at the beginning of each new term year.


C.        All officers and board members shall serve without compensation, except the canteen manager.


D.        A canteen manager, approved by the board, shall serve for a term of one year. (Amended 6/90)


E.        When a team has more than two (2) representatives on the board, only two (2) shall vote.

F.         All officers and board members will be given a list of duties and responsibilities. No one should serve on the Board who cannot fulfill these duties.



Section 2.


A.         Election of board members shall be held at the annual meeting that is held on a date scheduled and announced by the board. Notice of the annual meeting must be announced at least two weeks prior to the meeting. Officers shall also be elected at the annual meeting. Each parent and/or guardian of each player from the current (roster) season will have one (1) vote toward each vacancy. Further, the coaches, assistant coaches and officers will have one vote. (Amended 6/97)


B.        Anyone nominated for position of officer or board member and who is not present at the annual meeting to accept the position must forward a written statement that he/she will accept the position. (Amended 6/90)


C.        All officer positions are to be filled with board members who have previously served in an at-large position for 2 years, providing there are such candidates available.  If there are no such candidates available, candidates can be voted in from the floor. (Amended 5/01)


Section 3.


A.         The board members term shall begin August 1, following the annual meeting. (Amended 7/17)


B.        All elected officers and board members will serve a two (2) year term upon election.


C.        A common meeting between the outgoing officers and board members and the newly elected officers and board members shall be held within sixty (60) days after the election of the new officers and board to provide for the orderly transition of the league's business.


D.        An officer or board member may be removed at any time by a majority vote of the full board or by a majority vote at the annual meeting. (Amended 6/90)


E.        When an officer or board member resigns, his/her keys and any other property of Midland Baseball should be turned in with the resignation letter.  (Adopted 11/03)


F.         From August 31st through December 31st, Board vacancies will be filled by choosing a member from the nominees at the General Meeting.  From January 1st through August 30th, Board vacancies will be filled by advertising the vacancy and the Board will vote on the replacement.  (Adopted 5/05)


Section 4.     


A.         Special board meetings may be called by the president or the majority of the board members at any time.


B.        Notice of special board meetings requested by an individual, except as stated in Section 4 of this Article, shall be made orally by the secretary at least three (3) days before the said meeting.


C.        Anyone requesting a meeting with the board members concerning any situation shall submit a letter in writing to the league president.


Section 5.      A quorum for the transaction of business at any regular or special meeting of the board members shall consist of one more than half of the voting members of the board, but a majority of those present shall have the power to adjourn the meeting to a future time.


Section 6.     


  1.      The president may establish as many committees as he may deem  

      necessary and may appoint members of the board to serve thereon. Prior

to the start of the season, the president shall prepare a playing schedule for all participating league teams, subject to majority approval of the board.

  1.      There are to be no late games during Pass Testing/ ACT Inspire in

Lexington School District 2. (Adopted 6/12)

  1.      There are to be no games scheduled on any holiday.    

     (Amended 3/15)


Section 7.      The president shall be an ex-officio member of the board and be notified of all meetings and the discussion and results of such meetings.


Section 8.     


 A.        A manager may serve as a board member or officer of the league. (Amended 6/95)


 B.       A Board Member cannot take official action with regards to a game while involved in the game as a coach or where a participant in the game lives in his/her home. (Adopted 5/04)