Lexington County Recreation & Aging Commission No Tolerance Policy

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 Youth Sports “No Tolerance” Policy 

Within the last few years’ recreation across the country has seen a dramatic change in issues dealing with parents, coaches, fans, umpires, and league officials’ conduct at sporting events. Although not as severe as some instances nationwide, Lexington County has had its share of conduct problems. 

With this in mind, our Lexington County Recreation and Aging Commission Board of Commissioners have taken a “No Tolerance” stance in order to help prevent severe situations from occurring on and within leagues operating on (LCRAC) facilities. This includes unsportsmanlike behavior, verbal abuse, threatening physical abuse, and actual physical abuse. The “No Tolerance” Policy regarding adult behavior is as follows: 


A. No fan/spectator/adult/parent/coach/board member shall verbally confront or argue with an 

official, coach, player or other fans before, during, or after a game. 

Penalties for such unsportsmanlike conduct: 

1.) General unsportsmanlike conduct = 1 calendar week suspension 

2.) Profanity = 1 calendar week suspension 

Any adult suspended due to #1 or #2 will be suspended from all facilities and activities which 

include practices and games. Any adult that commits a second similar offense of 1 or 2 will 

be banned from LCRAC Youth Sports for the remainder of that season and their 

child(ren) removed from the league(s) for the remainder of the season. Association will 

refund registration monies pro-rated based on the percentage of the season remaining. 

3.) Drinking = suspension for season 

4.) Fighting = suspension for season 

5.) Possession of weapon = suspension permanently 

6.) Parents/Fans/Spectators are not allowed on the field during play. Any interruption will be considered unsportsmanlike and subject to one (1) calendar year suspension. Tending to injuries of players are an exception. 

7.) Those guilty of # 3,4, 5 above include suspension from all LCRAC sponsored facilities and activities. 


B. Any adult who physically assaults an official, coach, or volunteer will be banned from 

LCRAC Facilities and their child(ren) removed from LCRAC sponsored facilities, 

activities, events and programs for one year from the date of the offense. The child(ren) 

may not participate in another LCRAC Youth sports association during that sanction 

period. After 1 year, the parent may apply for reinstatement of his/her child. Second 

offenses may result in the adult and child(ren) permanently banned from LCRAC facilities, 

activities, events and programs. 

Note: The term physical assault includes, but is not limited to: hitting, slapping, pushing, spitting, kicking, or striking in any way any part of the body or any physical implement. 

Note: Remember! Any person who physically attacks an official, coach, other fan or player may be subject to criminal prosecution as well as civil suit for money damages. Revised May, 2010 2 


C. It is the goal of LCRAC and advisors that participation in recreational sports programs be 

individually and cooperatively a wholesome, fun and personally rewarding experience. 

Each participant, along with the coaches, should try to achieve a more positive attitude for 

the sport and its objectives.than he/she had at the start of the season. All players, coaches, fans, 

and parents shall be guided by the NYSCA Code of Conduct, which is mandated (for coaches) 

by the LCRAC board. 

D. This procedure has been prepared and approved by the LCRAC Board of 

Commissioners. Failure by individuals or groups to abide by these guidelines could result in 

banishment of youth contact sports in Lexington County. 

Guidelines for Enforcement 

A. Any official, league representative, parent, or coach must report a violation to the local league 

governing body that is operating on LCRAC facilities or property. 

B. The local league shall institute according to LCRAC guidelines. a hearing and deliver sanctions 

deemed necessary against the offender as stated in Section 15.0, steps A & B. The local governing board’s decision must meet final approval by the Lexington County Recreation and Aging Commission Athletic Staff. 

C. Should the local league, for any reason, not be able to handle the situation, then a review 

committee of LCRAC Athletic Department employees and 3 local league members will address the situation. The offender may also appeal to this review committee. The committee will inform the person by certified mail of the reported incident and that the committee will meet at a particular time and date of this hearing. The offender shall be in attendance to state his/her case. After the hearing, the committee shall make a decision on the sanctions, which will be a final decision. Sanctions may include revoking of NYSCA coaching privileges and/or suspensions. This includes fans, coaches, players, and parents. 

In closing we hope you will find the enclosed information for all sports leagues necessary for insuring a positive environment for our youth. It also insures that the LCRAC and its constituents comply in the true spirit of cooperation. In addition, the policy enacted enhances the coordination of programs and facilities between LCRAC and each sports league governing bodies. The “No Tolerance” policy will go into effect immediately. 

The Lexington County Recreation and Aging Commission will always promote safety first, encouraging only programs with strict controls over age and protect all children from the psychological, emotional, physical or social abuse that can be perpetrated against them. Adopted 1-9-02 


Lexington County Recreation and Aging Commission 

563 South Lake Drive 

Lexington, SC 29072 

(803) 359-9961 

Athletic Director – Alvin Kelley 

Asst. Athletic Director – Barry Belville










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